April has been a busy month for the team with all of the departments working hard to complete as much as possible before the beginning of exams.

This month the team was excited to take the car to Swindon College for their careers evening. As always the team enjoyed speaking to students about our university and Oxford Brookes Racing. We are also looking forward to participating in the London Motor Show over the 5th – 8th May and we hope to see many of you there.


The Aero team have been pressing ahead with manufacture as well as working with a number of companies to have the final few components manufactured out of house. We are also now beginning to use the Aero map we’ve developed in our lap time simulation software.


The Chassis team continue to make rapid progress with the monocoque construction and have now begun working on the many brackets and housings, including those needed for the engine mount. With the help of the University workshop, the differential mounts have been finished and the team have also recently received the roll hoops ready to be installed, thanks to the help of Tubecraft.



The Powertrain team have been working hard, and have now finalised the CAD model for all Powertrain components. The fuel system has been fitted with the help of our sponsors AN Motorsport. The exhaust manifold has now been sent away, with our thanks, to Primary Designs for manufacture.

Race Engineering

The Race Engineering team has begun the process of manufacturing the electrical systems for this year’s car. They have also been working very hard with Base Performance Simulators to develop the Formula Student circuits using the real car data. Over Easter the Race Engineering team also spent time with National Instruments for a formal training session in using the software LabVIEW, we hope that this will enable us to better analyse the data we gain in 2016.


The suspension team have been working hard and have continued to machine a large number of components in house. They have also been working with Green Precision on the manufacture of the uprights and the clevises which they are looking forward to receiving soon. They are also starting the design portfolio work for the vehicle dynamics and Lap Time Simulation development the team is completing this year.

Even with exam season fast approaching, the team is forging ahead with the manufacture of the car to make sure it’s completed as soon as possible.


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