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With the illustrious history of taking the Top UK Formula Student racing team Award 7 times behind us, Oxford Brookes Racing has stepped into the next generation of mobility with its all-new team Oxford Brookes Racing Autonomous.

OBR Autonomous was formed in 2018 with the aim to develop highly precise self-driving systems for our Formula Student race cars. At OBR Autonomous we believe in chasing excellence & our team members possess that spark of determination, motivation & enthusiasm which makes us one of the UK’s best student autonomous motorsport teams. 


OBR Autonomous won the Real-World Autonomous award at Formula Student UK in the team’s first-ever entry in the competition in 2019.

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OBR Autonomous consists of highly enthusiastic students mainly from computing and engineering fields who are focused on achieving success in every coming racing season. Currently, the team operates from the University work space based at Wheatley Campus in Oxford.

We have state of the art facilities which help us in developing our projects, with partners continuously pushing us forward to help us reach our goals. 

OBR Autonomous is a mixture of national & international students from Oxford Brookes University.

The team consists of various sub-teams focused on accomplishing specified intensive targets in the fields of Vehicle Development, Perception, Localisation, Vehicle Integration, Simulation & Motion Control. We also have designated Research as well as Business Development teams. There is also a strong social element within the team, with fun team bonding activities an important part of our team-building process.

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Want to be part of the team?

Get in touch with us! Send us your skills-based CV to our email: obr.autonomous@gmail.com

*Note: You need to be a student of Oxford Brookes University.

Our Partners

At OBR Autonomous we are fortunate to have some highly experienced organisations who back us in the process of developing highly precise autonomous driving systems. With the help of these industrial insights, the team is now efficient in working towards future of the mobility.

Interested in getting on board with us?

As we move forward we always look for strong industrial bonds. If your organisation is focused on the development of humanities next transport revolution, join us in our way towards the future.

Feel free to get in touch with us at: obr.autonomous@gmail.com

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