Brookes V-Twin Engine

Oxford Brookes Racing are currently in the manufacturing process of one of the most ambitious and prestigious formula student projects ever undertaken. To retain the top UK team and to further improve on our dynamic performance, an innovative student designed engine, gearbox and torque steer active differential system will be employed to compete for the podiums.

In 2006, the team began to lay up the first concept for a student designed engine & gearbox. By 2008, the CAD designs were ready for manufacture, and casting moulds designed by Grainger & Worrall Ltd were already being produced by Ford Research UK. Three full engine castings were completed by 2010, and the gearbox design had by then been completed and was ready for manufacture.

More updates on the project’s current progress are coming soon. For more information, please contact

Project Features

– 75° V-twin engine, 600cc
– Unrestricted power output of 200hp/litre
– Dry sump lubrication on both engine and gearbox
– 5-axis machined ports and combustion chamber
– 12’500rpm limit for reliability
– 4 speed sequential dog gearbox with automated pneumatic shifting
– Innovative torque steer active differential

Project Goals

– To construct the world’s 1st entirely student designed engine & transmission package for Formula Student competition.
– Develop an electronically actuated throttle body for torque-based calibration
– Officially unveil the engine and gearbox at Autosport International 2017
– Compete in the 2018 Formula Student competitions