An upgrade in quality and safety thanks to Garage Floor Tile Company


As OBR goes from a combustion engine to being fully electric, it becomes increasingly important to protect our sensitive electrical components… GFTC has provided us with special tiles that heavily reduce the static charge generated…

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Oxford Brookes’ balance between theory and work-based learning: Supporting the new generation of engineers – even before they graduate


The Formula Student project at Oxford Brookes University plays a pivotal role in the preparation of students for industry… Many Oxford Brookes graduates have 1-5 years of on-the-job experience in a race team, fresh out of their university degrees…”

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Are the best universities producing the best engineers?

Article by Tereza Pultarova, E&T


“Not only do they have that extra, relevant interest but also the interview inevitably ends up being about an area where they are experts, rather than the other way around.”

The university’s students, [Gordana] Collier says, are regularly invited to apply for jobs at Ferrari, and frequently succeed at interviews with Mercedes HPP, BMW or Renault F1.

The university doesn’t see Formula Student as a ‘side-project’, but an integral part of the teaching and development of its students,” says Collier. “This means people land from day one wanting to be part of something special and to make a difference.”

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