Oxford Brookes Racing is open to any Brookes students wanting to get involved. It doesn’t make a difference what year you’re in, or even what you’re studying – it doesn’t need to be engineering! If you’re passionate about racing, get in touch.

How do I get involved?

Oxford Brookes Racing is based in Wheatley Campus. Come and see us in the team office upstairs, above the Autolab. You can join a group (like Chassis or Aerodynamics) and pick up a project to work on. Students from any year of study are welcome. There will be plenty of opportunities for projects all throughout the year, so contact our team leaders to get involved!

Electric Team Leadership

  • Project Lead – Brady Planden, 17109365@brookes.ac.uk
  • Team Lead Class 1 (Chief Engineer) – Seppie Lysaght, 17031059@brookes.ac.uk
  • Team Lead Class 2 (Chief Engineer) – Syed Rezwan, 19009793@brookes.ac.uk
  • Business Development – Tamara de Jong, 19036255@brookes.ac.uk
  • Timeline & Scheduling – Avi Rijer, 19042880@brookes.ac.uk
  • Administration – Andrew Rohling, 17076482@brookes.ac.uk
  • Race Team – Austin Kent , 19009743@brookes.ac.uk
  • Tools & Methodologies – James Ganderton, 15062238@brookes.ac.uk

If you are planning on coming to Brookes in September 2020 and are interested in joining the electric team, please email Brady Planden (at 17109365@brookes.ac.uk) to express your interest and see what you can get involved with! For more information see our Contact Us page.

Join the Autonomous Team

Send your skills based CV to obr.autonomous@gmail.com.

I’m not studying engineering, can I get involved?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what you study, if you’re interested in cars or just pulling stuff apart and putting it back together again, we want to hear from you. We also need business students to work on our Business Presentation for competition, media students to help with marketing the team, and anyone who thinks they can contribute to the team, no matter which course you’re on. Contact the section leaders above to see what projects you can get involved with, or email Tamara de Jong (at 19037255@brookes.ac.uk) to get involved with Business Development.

Can I drive the car?


Yes! As a reward for hard work and dedication to the team, you can get the chance to drive our car. We are always on the lookout for new talent. Our driver selection process consists of trips to the Race Hut, karting competitions, and tests at Base Performance Simulators.

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