Our partners do a lot for us, and we take every opportunity we get to show our thanks and gratitude to reward them for their support. We give back what we can, with knowledge transfer being one of the key transfers between ourselves and industry professionals. Being a university racing team education is at the core of our philosophy.

With that in mind Oxford Brookes Racing started our Industrial Experience Scheme” as a way to show our sponsors what students from Brookes can do and to prove that not only do we build the fastest race cars, we also develop some of the strongest engineering minds.

Our graduates are some of the top engineers in the country with many going on to work for a range of the most prestigious firms in Motorsport (Pirelli, Aston Martin, Mercedes AMG Petronas, Ferrari… the list goes on). Through the industrial experience scheme current students at the university gain key skills and knowledge from a practical day spent away visiting our partners. Students also gain familiarity with our partners and begin to build up a personal partnership, boosting companies graduate recruitment when the time comes.

If being an Industrial partner is something you’re interested in or to hear more about the scheme please email our Business Development lead Tamara de Jong on 19037255@brookes.ac.uk.

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